Wario bite

Wario preparing to bite Kirby.

Chomp is Wario's Standard Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Similar to Bowser's Koopa Klaw in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Chomp can do multipe hits. Wario leans forward and opens his mouth then chomps on his eniemes that ran into Wario's mouth. Wario can continue to chomp him/her, causing more damage, like a Grab hit, but the opponent can escape Wario's mouth the same way a opponent can escape Yoshi's Egg Lay. The Chomp is bad to catch midair opponents, because Wario and his opponent will fall down the court and get a KO, unless Wario's opponent escapes in time to get back on court. Kirby has the ability to use Chomp if he swallows Wario. Wario can eat thrown items with the Chomp and activite some items like the food, Superspicy Curry, Dragoon Parts, and some others.

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