Several Chomp Pups on the Chain Chomp Planet in the Dreadnought Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.


Two Chomp Pups rolling around a Warp Pipe in the Chompworks Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Chomp Pups are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a small sub-species of Incoming Chomps. They act like their regular, bigger sub-species, but are smaller, slightly quicker, and have high-pitched barks. Chomp Pups come out of dog houses, as shown in the picture. Another difference between Chomp Pups and their bigger sub-species is that some Chomp Pups (such as the ones in the Chompworks Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2) can roll in a circular line, while normal Incoming Chomps cannot do such. However, regardless of their small size, Chomp Pups are still invincible. However, they can be defeated with Rainbow Star, holding them with the Co-op player so that they run into each other or by using a Stretch Plant. These enemies release Star Bits. Also, Chomp Pups hurt Mario/Luigi if he comes in contact with them.

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