A Choppah flying in the Honeybloom Galaxy.

Choppahs are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are green creatures that lack lacks and have lazy (or you can say annoyed) looking eyes. They wear orange spiked helmets. Choppahs, hence the name, have a propeller around them, giving them the ability to fly. Choppahs fly in a vertical line in most of their appearances. They first appear in the Honeybloom Galaxy, as the main enemy and obstacle in the galaxy (even though FuzziesBee Traps and Spiny Stretch Plants also serve as enemies in the galaxy). They then appear in the Sweet Mystery Galaxy mostly flying horizontally. Choppahs then appear in the Honeyhop Galaxy and Flip-Out Galaxy. They finally appear during "The Perfect Run" in the Grandmaster Galaxy. Choppahs are invincible most of the time and can only be defeated if eaten by Yoshi. Choppahs mostly appear when the screen shows the player in 2-D, but they do make appearances in 3-D areas too. Getting hit by a flying Choppah will usually cause Mario/Luigi to not only lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter, but also cause him to fall and lose his Bee Mushroom if he has one. This can be dangerous, for if the player is hit by a Choppah, they can fall into Space or a Black Hole (if one is there) from the impact. 


  • Choppah's name sounds very similar to the phrase "chopper", which is a term for both a motorcycle and a helicopter. Choppah's name is more likely to be based off the phrase "chopper" for helicopters, since they have a rotating propeller, which is similar to the helicopter's rotating blades. 
  • Choppah's German name (Heli-Monty) insists they are a type of Monty Mole. However, this is not confirmed and Choppah's name in other languages do not compare them to Monty Moles. 

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