Coach in Super Mario Galaxy.


Coach standing tall.

Coach is a tall, black Penguin who appears in Super Mario Galaxy. He looks like an Emperor Penguin. Coach is the swim instructor from the Beach Bowl Galaxy, who gives advice as to the location of one of the Power Stars in that area. He can be found teaching other Penguins how to use the shell to improve their swimming. Coach may be the Penguin that leads Ray Surfing in the Loopdeeloop Galaxy and Loopdeeswoop Galaxy, but that is not certain. Coach is the most mature of the Penguins where he tells Mario to play nice, and not to break the undersea wall, which Mario must do to beat the level. Coach, as said before, is the instructor of his own swimming class in the Beach Bowl Galaxy. He appears in the missions, but his roles are more or less minimal. In the first mission, he tells Mario that his students are being distracted by sparkly things (Star Chips). In the second mission, he offers Mario a chance to get an "A" and a gold medal (Power Star), if he collects a shell and brings it to him. Shortly after this, Coach realizes that Mario is not one of his Penguin students. Coach appears in other missions but is of little importance. There is another Penguin referred to as Coach in the Sea Slide Galaxy. He has the same size as all other Penguins, but he is red in color. He has a bit of yellow, straw-like hair sticking out from under his swimcap. This Penguin is less mature than the taller Coach, and is obsessed with racing. Coach appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy. This time the bands on his arms are blue instead of red. Other than that, Coach looks the same.

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