800px-CoconutMall MKWii-1-

Coconut Mall.


Donkey Kong and Peach racing in Coconut Mall.

800px-Coconut Mall Screenshot-1-

Baby Mario going down the escalators in Coconut Mall.

Coconut Mall is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a giant shopping center. The place uses the player's Miis as advertisements. Other Miis can be seen during gameplay. When the race begins, you start going in straight lines. You'll reach two escalators- one going up, one going down. It is best to take the one going up since it makes you go faster. The one going down slows you down. You'll then be upstairs. You will then reach a right turn. You can either go down the escalator or take the other path. The escalator down speeds you up. You'll reach a large place with a fountain (as seen in the picture). If you drive over the fountain, you may catch the Item Boxes above it. You'll then see another pair of escalators. Of course, use the one going up. You'll reach a sharp turn that is perfect for drifting. It'll lead you outside, but still in the mall as if it's an outlet mall. You'll see another fountain, with another pair of Item Boxes above it. Try collecting the Item Boxes. You'll reach another sharp turn, that is perfect for drifting. You'll reach two split paths. The one to the left, goes upward with a boost pad at the top. After using the boost pad, you can do a trick in the air, as you've just reached the parking lot. If you used the path to the right, you'll enter a room with your Miis as advertisements. You'll see a boost pad that leads outside. You can do a stunt in the air. Now that you've reached the parking lot, after a sharp right turn, you'll see three cars moving back and forth. Those cars are being driven by your Miis! How dare they! If you crash into the cars, you'll flip, as if hit with a shell (other than the Spiny Shell). As you make another right turn, you'll cross the finish line, starting your next lap. It appears that most shops in Coconut Mall, begin with "Coco" meaning Coconut.

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