Coin Launcher.

Coin Launcher is a minigame in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is under the Vault Modes. You must use the collected coins and shoot them at the moving objects (excluding the purple, marble like balls as shown in the picture) and Trophies. You must also shoot the oncoming missiles. The game will warn you when they appear. If they get too close they will explode and you will lose coins, even the points in the damage meter below. You can shoot by pressing the attack button and aim by moving the control stick. If you hold the attack button a stronger and faster coin will come out. If you shoot all the enemies in the group you may get a sticker or increase in coins. The increase in coins varies from 10 to 50. Trophies, like enemies, move around the stage. You must shoot them twice to collect them.
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Coin Launcher as seen in Vault Mode.

They will be added to your trophy collection. If they touch the end of the screen they disappear like enemies do. The Purple Balls reflect coins as if they were a moving, ball-shaped Cymul, making you lose coins foolishly. When they appear don't shoot at them, just shoot the trophies. By pressing the cancel button you will come to a screen telling you what you've collected, and asking you if you want to quit or not. Coin Launcher replaces Super Smash Bros. Melee's Lottery Mode, and has a similar role to Snag the Trophies.


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