Coins and Bills are items in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Coins and Bills in SSBB.

They have the Smash Bros. logo on them. These items are only available in Coin matches and are not to be confused with Smash Coins. Smash Coins are used in Coin Launcher and are the ones used to pay for a Continue. Coins can be easily gotten by just attacking your opponent. Any attack can send coins out of your opponent. You don't lose coins when attacked, however if you are Koed you lose half the coins you collected. In Brawl you lose 100. Coins are Gold, Silver and Bronze. In Melee Golds are worth 10 points, Silvers 5, and Bronze 1 pont respectively. In Brawl coins were lowered in value. Golds are worth 5 points, Silvers 3, and Bronze 1. However, the Bill was introduced. Bills fly around (some can be gotten if you use a powerful attack like a smash attack) making them difficult to collect. If collected, however, you get 10 points. Coins and Bills disappear quickly after landing (if they were sent in the air like they usually do). Coins are easy to notice. Bronze are the smallest and Golds are the largest. Bronze look like pennies, and Silvers look like nickels. There are certain unlockables that have to do with Coin Matches such as collect 2000 coins in Coin Matches.

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