This is a Comet Medal's artwork in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

225px-Galaxysmall 3959

Mario finds a Comet Medal in the Throwback Galaxy.

Comet Medals are items in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are white octagonal coins with a golden lining and a picture of a golden star comet on them. They are found in the first mission of every galaxy and are usually in hard-to-reach places or dangerous areas. Power-ups are sometimes needed to collect them. Collecting enough Comet Medals will cause a Prankster Comet to appear, similar to the Prankster Comets in the prequel. Once they are collected and the player replays the mission it was found in, the Comet Medal will be a clear blue silhoutte. It can still be collected. It will be temporarily added to the total but as soon as the level is complete, it reverts back to the previous value. There are a total of 49 Comet Medals in the game, however, not all galaxies will encounter a Prankster Comet after its Comet Medal has been collected. 

Appearances and Locations

World 1

World 2

  • Puzzle Plank Galaxy- Off to the side of a wooden platform just before two Grinders cut off a vertical wall that creates an area Mario/Luigi must Wall-Jump up. It unlocks Purple Coin Shadow Vault when collected. 
  • Hightail Falls Galaxy- Near the end of the level just after the Hungry Luma. It unlocks Hightail Falls Speed Run when collected. 
  • Boulder Bowl Galaxy- Found inside a purple crystal at the beginning of the mission. Mario must use the Rock Mushroom to become Rock Mario and destroy the purple crystal. It unlocks Rolling Crabber Romp when collected. 
  • Cosmic Cove Galaxy- Inside a large shell-shaped structure underwater near the switch that freezes the entire area. The galaxy has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Power Stars are unlocked.
  • Wild Glide Galaxy- Obtained after flying through the five gates. The galaxy has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Power Stars are unlocked. 
  • Honeybloom Galaxy- It is on a small platform, however, a Choppah will fly close by every now and then. The player can simply fly towards the Comet Medal to collect it. The galaxy has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Power Stars are unlocked. 
  • Bowser's Lava Lair- Can be reached by Wall-Jumping or back-flipping off a Whomp. It unlocks Lava Lair Speed Run when collected. 

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World S


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