Cosmic observatory-1-

The Comet Observatory.

The Comet Observatory is a place in Super Mario Galaxy. It serves as a hub, like Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine, and Starship Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Comet Observatory is controlled by Rosalina, and acts as a home for her and the Lumas. The Comet Observatory was built by Rosalina and Luma after Rosalina agreed to take care of him. It was too big for the two. Soon other Lumas came and Luma transformed into a comet that powers the Observatory. The Comet Observatory usually comes into orbit around the Mushroom World every 100 years. During that time, people of the Mushroom Kingdom celebrate the Star Festival. During the Star Festival, Bowser's forces attack the Comet Observatory. That causes it to rain down Star Bits on Toad Town. Bowser later attacked Toad Town. The Comet Observatory lost its power source- Grand Stars and Power Stars causing it to remain above the Mushroom Kingdom. Only when Mario rescues the Grand Stars the Comet Observatory can move again with Rosalina's help. Rosalina takes Mario and Luigi to the Center of the Universe to rescue Mario's special one- Peach. The Comet Observatory is accessed through a portal in the Gateway Galaxy, where Rosalina lives. Like in Delfino Plaza of Super Mario Sunshine, certain parts of the Observatory are unlocked by collecting Grand Stars and Power Stars. This is because Grand Stars power the Beacon in the Observatory. Once five Grand Stars are collected, the Comet Observatory can go to the Center of the Universe. There are six Domes scattered in the Comet Observatory. The Domes are used to access the galaxies. Galaxies are accessed by getting more Power Stars to unlock more Domes. Additional galaxies are unlocked by feeding Hungry Lumas in the Observatory. The Domes are the Terrace, Fountain, Kitchen, Bedroom, Engine Room and the Garden. To the Lumas, the Domes are used to view the cosmos. When a Black Hole was created after Mario defeated Bowser in the final battle , the Comet Observatory was sucked into it. Just before it did, part of it was damaged, as it collided with Peach's Castle and scattered. Even parts of the spire were separated. However in the ending cutscene after collecting 120 Power Stars, the Comet Observatory is built back. Rosalina activates its forcefield and the Comet Observatiry flies off. During gameplay, if you fall into a Black Hole, you will be sucked in, lose a life, and reappear on the Comet Observatory. Starship Mario replaces the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Comet Observatory appears in the ending cutscene of Super Mario Galaxy 2, but it is not seen anywhere else.

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