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The Continue Screen in SSBB.

nue is ,of course, a continue in Smash Bros. games (in New Super Mario Bros Wii you automatically continue, games before that don't allow continues)
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The Game Over Screen, happens if you choose no. In Boss Battles you automatically go to the Game Over Screen.

. In All-Star and Classic Modes you must oay a number of coins to continue. Your points are also reduced. If you say no you will be taken to the Game Over screen as failure music plays. In The Subspace Emissary, if you lose all your characters, you are taken to the continue screen, however you only lose stickers and sometimes collected trophies. You don't lose points. There are many ways to avoid Continues.

- In All-Star Mode attack quickly by using grabs, up throws, smash attacks and sometimes side throws (do this in Classic mode too) and only use the Heart Containers if your Damage percentage is over 100%.

- If you are playing The Great Maze in The Subspace Emissary, find your way to the nearest Save Point Door, while avoidng enemies. Once your make it save. All your collected trophies will be saved and added to the trophy gallery even though the game does not tell you all you've collected. Before playing take a look at your number of an enemy trophy collected. When the game says you didn't collect it and you return, the number should've increased.

-Shield, dodge, roll and attack as you play your way to the end of the level.

-Apply the highest Flinch Resistance stickers such as The Boss, Mother Brain and the one that ends with Wave Race in The Subspace Emissary to make it easier to avoid enemies' attacks and enemies themselves.

-When you earn (or if they appear) Food, Maxim Tomatoes, and Heart Containers use them so your Damage percentage is lower.

These are the many ways to avoid getting Koed and sent to the Continue Screen since losing stickers, points and trophies totally sucks.

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