KRtDL Leaf and Spark Copy Pedestal

This is a picture of a Leaf and Spark Copy Pedestals in a stage in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Copy Pedestals, also known as Copy Essences, are helpful obstacles in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are golden stands that hold Copy Abilities on them and usually hover in the area. They usually appear at the end of a Star Portal area in a stage just before the battle with a Sphere Doomer, however, they can also appear before then or even in stages without Sphere Doomer battles. When jumped to, Kirby will receive the Copy Ability on the stand. Sometimes these Copy Abilities are needed to proceed through the stage, while others can simply be avoided. On the Lor Starcutter, there are 4 Copy Pedestal rooms that can be unlocked and can then be accessed to receive nearly any Copy Ability in the game. To unlock each room, Kirby must collect the amount of Energy Spheres needed for each room. The first room requires 20 Energy Spheres, the second room requires 40 Energy Spheres, the third room requires 60 Energy Spheres and the fourth room requires 80 Energy Spheres. 


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