SMG2 dark mario-1-

Mario surrounded by Cosmic Clones.

Cosmic Clones, also known as Shadow Clones, are red, shadowy duplicates that resemble Mario or Luigi. They appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and are probably a replacement to Cosmic Mario in Super Mario Galaxy. However, unlike Cosmic Mario, they do not challenge the player to a race. They are created once a certain point is reached in a galaxy. They perform every movement Mario or Luigi make. Once the way out of the area Mario is in is revealed, Cosmic Clones disappear leaving behind 3 Star Bits. If Mario touches a clone, he takes damage, so moving horizontally is best to survive. Boards usually warn the player that Cosmic Clones are in the area. Cosmic Clones are able to walk on where there are no platforms, as long as it is necessary for following Mario or Luigi. Cosmic Clones also do whatever Mario did, even if the landscape has been changed.

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