Mario facing Cosmic Mario.


Mario racing Cosmic Mario.

Cosmic Luigi-1-

Luigi and Cosmic Luigi.

Cosmic Mario is a character who looks like Mario that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. He is blue with stars on him, as if he is a man made out of stars. If Mario/ Luigi enter a galaxy with a Cosmic Comet orbiting it, Cosmic Mario/ Cosmic Luigi will appear at the beginning of the level. He will challenge the player to a race. The player must then avoid obstacles and get to the finish line before Cosmic Mario/ Cosmic Luigi get there to earn a Power Star. If you play as Mario, Cosmic Mario will appear. If you play as Luigi, Cosmic Luigi will appear. Cosmic Mario has a high pitched voice. Cosmic Luigi has the same voice as Cosmic Mario, although Mario and Luigi have different voices. However, when Cosmic Mario appears, he says "Come On!'. When Cosmic Luigi appears he says "Let's Go!". Colliding into Cosmic Mario/ Cosmic Luigi, will make Star Bits shatter out of them.

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