This picture shows the artwork of a red Crabber in Super Mario Galaxy.

Deep Dark Galaxy Cyan Crabber

This picture shows a Cyan Crabber in the Deep Dark Galaxy.

Crabbers are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are crab-like enemies with one large left pincer and one small pincer on their right. Crabbers are common enemies appearing in many galaxies. There are two different colored Crabbers (red Crabbers and cyan Crabbers) who attack in similar, yet a little different ways. When Mario/Luigi approaches a red Crabber, they will jump and slowly move and stop constantly. They are basically trying to sneak up on the heroes and bump into them, damaging them. Cyan Crabbers, after seeing Mario/Luigi, start to run sideways with a frightened-like expression, making them a little more challenging to defeat. Crabbers can be defeated if Mario/Luigi Spins their off-white/cream-colered behind, which is their weak spot. However, this is a little more challenging than it seems. Why? Crabbers are always facing Mario/Luigi trying to protect their weak spot. So, to get them to stop facing Mario/Luigi, one must get one of the heroes to jump on top of the Crabber, causing it to cover up its face for a few seconds. If the heroes then travel to the back of the crab enemy and Spin its behind the enemy will be defeated. Red Crabbers burst into three Star Bits. Since cyan Crabbers are more skittish (nervous) and difficult than red Crabbers, a 1-Up Mushroom is rewarded to the player for defeating it. Cyan Crabbers, even though they always appear in galaxies where red Crabbers appear in, appear less frequently than red Crabbers. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, it is shown that Yoshi can eat a Crabber. However, he cannot swallow one. Instead, the Crabber will stay in the dinosaur's mouth. If spat out, the Crabber's large left pincer flies out and acts like a boomerang. This technique can be used to defeat enemies and do other stuff. In Super Mario Galaxy, Crabbers are found in beach galaxies such as the Sea Slide Galaxy and the Deep Dark Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Crabbers are found in the Starshine Beach Galaxy, as well as in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy, surprisingly. They appear in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy's Prankster Comet mission, named "Rolling Crabber Romp". Rock Mario (after obtaining the Rock Mushroom must defeat 30 Crabbers on a small planet within a minute to earn a Power Star. They also make an appearance in the Battle Belt Galaxy.



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