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A Cracker Launcher.

A shooting item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that acts like a roman candle. You can aim it and shoot at the same time. The Cracker Launcher shoots fireworks, not crackers!

Mario and Fox with Cracker Launchers. With that weapon, they sure do look like Army men!

Ir is a powerful weapon, and can be shot slowly or rapidly. You can aim it, however, it is quite difficult to aim upwards. Since you did successfull aim it upwards, you also jumped upwards! You see, you must use the control stick to aim. It is possible to jump and shoot and also run and shoot. Cracker Launchers can only shoot a few shots probably, 10 or 15 shots. They are powerful throwing weapons due to their weight. When holding a Cracker Launcher you are like a soldier in Call of Duty! Look at the picture below.

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