Cut Man is one of the six Robot Masters created by Dr. Light designed for cutting in the video game, Mega Man. He is one of the main characters in the entire Mega Man franchise.


During the battle with Cut Man, he throws his Rolling Cutter at Mega Man and his weakness is Super Arm, considering the easiest Robot Master in the game.

Other media

  • In Ruby Spears' Mega Man, Cut Man appeared in every episode in the cartoon, along with Guts Man.
  • Cut Man appeared in many mangas.
  • In Captain N: The Game Master, Cut Man is the only Robot Master to have lines and he has a purple human face and has golden barber scissors.


  • Cut Man is the only Robot Master to appear in the X series.
  • The reason why Cut Man's weakness is Super Arm, because he doesn't like rocks as rocks beat scissors in the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Cut Man's Maverick counterpart is Boomer Kuwanger.

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