Cycling is one of the twelve sports on Wii Sports Resort. You can either play a Road Race (possible to play with a friend) or play against a friend in a VS Race.

Road Race

In Road Race you can play a single race, a three stage race or a six stage race. On a single race you will play against 29 other characters, on a three stage race you will play against 49 other characters and in a six stage you will play against 99 other characters.

Cycling Circuits

Around The Island, Icarus Bluff, To The Beach, Up The Volcano, Wobbly Bridge and Crater Core.


There are many characters in the cycling race (possibly 98) and also other ones that do not race but are there to help or to watch.

Name Job/Role
Vincenzo Gives you tips when you are cycling.
James Referee
Gwen Cyclist
Miyu Cyclist
Elisa Cyclist
Gabi Cyclist
Rin Cyclist
Stéphanie Cyclist
Sandra Cyclist
Ryan Cyclist
Oscar Cyclist
Hiromi Cyclist
David Cyclist
Barbara Cyclist
Helen Cyclist
Shouta Cyclist
Shinta Cyclist
George Cyclist
Steve Cyclist
Abby Cyclist
Hiroshi Cyclist
Ursula Cyclist
Gabriele Cyclist
Saburo Cyclist
Sarah Cyclist
Emma Cyclist
Lucia Cyclist
Patrick Cyclist
Pierre Cyclist
Tomoko Cyclist
Theo Cyclist
Nick Cyclist
Alex Cyclist
Misaki Cyclist
Fumiko Cyclist
Matt Cyclist
Ai Cyclist
Holly Cyclist
Midori Cyclist
Marco Cyclist
Jessie Cyclist
Abe Cyclist
Eduardo Cyclist
Jackie Cyclist
Asami Cyclist
Silke Cyclist
Rainer Cyclist
Ashley Cyclist
Giovanna Cyclist
Susana Cyclist
Víctor Cyclist
Siobhán Cyclist
Takumi Cyclist
Mia Cyclist
Keiko Cyclist
Martin Cyclist
Miguel Cyclist
Fritz Cyclist
Anna Cyclist
Naomi Cyclist
Kentaro Cyclist
Maria Cyclist
Rachel Cyclist
Shinnosuke Cyclist
Andy Cyclist
Chris Cyclist
Nelly Cyclist
Hayley Cyclist
Tyrone Cyclist
Eddy Cyclist
Haru Cyclist
Sakura Cyclist
Sota Cyclist
Julie Cyclist
Ian Cyclist
Luca Cyclist
Lucía Cyclist


Wii Sports Resort

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