800px-MKwii DKsummit-1-

DK Summit.

800px-DK Snowboard Cross-1-

Waluigi racing in DK Summit.

800px-DK Snowboard Cross2-1-

DK racing in DK Summit.

DK Summit, also known, as DK's Snowboard Cross is a course in Mario Kart Wii. The race takes place on a snowy mountain surrounded with snowy trees. There are skiing Shy Guys here too. The road looks like a snowboard cross. Other things like Power Lines are seen here too, as if the place needs electricity. DK Summit is filled with snow, but there are snow piles too. The snow is not hazardous but the snow piles are. Snow piles look like snow, but are bigger than the regular snow. There are pink spots on them too. Driving on a snow pile slows you down. A cannon that blasts the player to the mountain is here too (much like DK Mountain). Shy Guys are also hazardous. You spin out if you collide with them. The race begins at the base of the mountain. It leads to a Barrel Cannon that shoots the player to summit. Here at the summit, there are half-pipe ramps to perform tricks on. After the half-pipe area there are two ramps to take. One has three bumps on it, and the other has a Boost Pad on it , and is larger. The latter ramp gives the player items, because it has Item Boxes. You can also perform a trick. After the ramp is an area filled with bumps. In this area you can perform a multitude or tricks. There are several Item Boxes, but those are near the ramps with the Boost Pads. After this area is 1 U-turn to the right, while there is a half-pipe if the player doesn't turn directly. The half-pipe has 3 Item Boxes. You can use them if you go through them. After that area is a turn left that leads into the area with the Shy Guys. Here the ground is covered with snow piles. One part has regular snow. To avoid it, you must use the two half-pipe ramps on your sides. There are Boost Pads to help you. They can lead you to the area with regular snow. You must take another half-pipe ramp to fully cross it. After that is a U-turn right. After the U-turn you shall the see the second lap. Wonderful! You're ready for your second lap!

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