800px-Daisy circuit1-1-

Daisy Circuit.


The dancing Luigi and Daisy statues.


The dancing Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy statues.

Daisy Circuit is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It takes place in a town. Palm Trees, Piantas, Sledge Bros. and more are here. This circuit belongs to Daisy. The town is locates near the ocean. This course takes place at dusk. There are two fountains in one part of the circuit. One fountain has a statue of Luigi and Daisy dancing. The second fountain has a statue of Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy dancing. The track begins going straight. It leads to a sharp right turn into the town. Piantas, Toads, and Sledge Bros. are seen here lining the streets. After the town are the two fountains. There are two roads going around them- one on the right, one on the left. After the fountains is a small tunnel that goes to the right. Miis are in here, cheering for the racers. After the tunnel is a straight road that leads to a large hairpin turn around the lighthouse. After this turn is another straight path that leads to a left turn. This road goes back to the starting point. Wonderful! You've passed your first lap! There are many turns here, so take the turns with ease. Item Boxes and Boost Pads are present in this course.

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