Damage Ratio is a ratio in the Rules of the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It has an effect on damage. When your Damage Ratio is at 0.5 you don't fly far and attacks have less knockback. The Brawl could be slower as most as you can get Koed at 300% damage! At 300% damage, at 0.5 you act as if you only had 200% damage. Intense difficulty might have a Damage Ratio at 0.5 or a little higher. 1.0 is standard, as for most Brawls and Solos (Easy and Normal only) are at this ratio. You can get Koed at 150% percent damage. At 2.0 Brawls are the craziest! Even standard attacks have high knockback! You can get Koed at 50, 40, 30, sometimes even 20% damage. If you made a Box stage you could reach 999% damage and see what it is like on 2.0. You will be sent boucning around like as if you were bouncy balls! If you reach 100% damage at 2.0 you will see how fast you will be sent flying with a smash attack. One uncharged smash attack can Star KO or Screen KO (upwards smash attack) you in a second if your damage percentage was 100%! If you start a Brawl with Damage Ratio on you will see how much fun it is! You could be laughing so hard your crying! Enjoy as you play with Damage Ratio.

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