J Dandan

The artwork of a Dandan in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Dandans are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are large yellow birds with orange beaks. Dandans have black and white button eyes and wear a green headband. These enemies are very common enemies, first appearing in Big-Bean Vine of Grass Land and then make appearances in many other levels such as Cool Cave of Hot LandEvergreen Lift of Snow Land and Tube Town of Space Land. Dandans' only attack is spitting blue balls of energy at Kirby and Prince Fluff when it spots them. These blue balls of energy can travel long distances and will damage the heroes if they touch them. The balls can also be wrapped up and thrown back at the enemy to defeat it. Anyway, Dandans can only attack sideways so Kirby or Prince Fluff can stand on them without taking damage. Dandans take a long break in between attacks, giving the heroes a chance to defeat it. Dandans also appear driving orange Truck Monsters and can sometimes be found being carried by Bronto Burts


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