Mario stands on a platform as Gravity pushes him towards the Dark Matter (the purple swirly liquid to the right of Mario). This is in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant.

Dark Matter is a dangerous substance that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a swirly, purple and black substance. Dark Matter is extremely dangerous since it kills you if you touch it. Dark Matter appears in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant. Bowser was generating Dark Matter at his Dark Matter Plant in order to destroy the galaxy so he can create his new one. Like said above, if Mario or Luigi fall into Dark Matter, they disintegrate and lose a life. Dark Matter also has the ability to create

Dark Matter burns light blue, square-shaped holes in platforms in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant of Super Mario Galaxy.

and burn square or rectangular-shaped holes in the floor. If Mario or Luigi fall into the hole they will lose a life. Dark Matter reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, making appearances on the Purple Pond Planet of the Cloudy Court Galaxy, and in the Daredevil Run mission of Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker. A Mattermouth will eat away the Dark Matter.


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