de Blob is a Wii game that was released in late 2008. In it, the player plays as the Blob and tries to paint Chroma City, whose color was sucked by the evil INKT Corporation, led by Comrade Black, using Leechbots. The player is employed by the Color Underground to do so.


When the game first starts, the player appears as Blob, who is the main character in de Blob. He first appears as a colorless blob, who, by attacking leechbots, gains colors to paint the city. There are the three basic colors, yellow, red, and blue, in which the other colors are based on. By first attacking a leechbot with a color and then targeting another with a different color, the result are secondary colors, which are orange, purple, and green. If the combination of all three colors are used, a brownish color will result.

Once Blob finds out what happened about the city, he sets out on his adventure to revive the once colorful Chroma City, and to free the city's citizens, the Raydians. To free Raydians, a whole street or avenue must be all painted by any color.

Blob often is faced with many challenges that are set up by the workers of Color Underground. Each member gives a different type of task. Arty will give a task that requires Blob to paint buildings in a certain area, often with a color. Bif's challenges will make Blob attack a certain amount of INKT forces. Zip gives tasks that tests Blob's speed, by making him race to a point in a specific amount of time. Finally is that the Prof will make Blob take over a landmark that requires an amount of a certain color, and often requires more than one color.

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