A Deep-Cheep in World 1-4.

A Deep-Cheep is an enemy in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are a type of Cheep-Cheep. They are green with angry eyes. Deep-Cheeps first appeared in World 1-4. They then reappear in World 8-4 in World 8. When Mario and the gang get near, the Deep-Cheep gives chase. Deep-Cheeps can be frozen with an iceball from an Ice Flower. Deep-Cheeps also appear in Mario Party 9. They appear on the board of Blooper Beach. Here, Deep-Cheeps can be spotted swimming around. They will occasionally jump out of the water, sometimes even over the player's vehicle. Deep-Cheeps will ignore the player and do not play a role in the game, much like with Seagulls and Swoopers


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