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Delfino Square.

Delfino Square is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a town-like area surrounded by water. Delfino Square was introduced in Mario Kart DS making it a retro cup course. Delfino Square is filled with Piantas, yellow trees, houses, crates, Boost Pads, and Item Boxes. Delfino Square turns into a maze, with two different routes you can get to the end. You start off going straight, then going around a statue. Youll then go straight, when the road divides into two roads. Depending on which road, you can take, you will end up to a path going right. Here you'll see crates. and the ocean. Crashing into the crates instantly stops you.Then you go straight and come to a turn left. This road has a dock. If you are pushed down there, you can return by using the dock. Anyway, the road takes you to a drawbridge that goes up when you near it. The drawbridge has three Boost Pads on it. You can do an awesome trick on it. You'll then go straight and turn right. The path has the finish line on it. Congratulations! You're ready for your second lap. Avoid falling in water; you'll end up being rescued by Lakitu which wastes time.

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