Desert Hills-1-

Desert Hills.

Desert Hills is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It first appeared in Mario Kart DS. There are many sharp turns before the finish line. Desert Hills is set somewhere in the desert and is Egyptian-like, like Dry Dry Ruins. There are Pokeys here, and the Angry Sun will drop Fire Snakes on the track. Desert Hills is just the way it looks like in Mario Kart DS, but the Pokeys are no longer flat, and colliding into the Pokeys will spin you out not flip you. The track begins near an oasis with a small lake. If you are not careful you can sink into the water. That means you must be rescued by Lakitu which wastes time. After the first turn, to your right, the track surrounds a pyramid made entirely of Bricks. After leading the oasis there are dunes infested with Pokeys sliding on the course. The Pokeys slide the the sides of the course. Before the finish line is a curly path of soft sand. The sand can slow down characters, especially the ones who are drifting. They will end up going on a rough zone and lose speed. After the turn is the finish line. Awesome! You're ready for your second lap!

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