Brawlemissary door-1-

A Normal Door.

Brawlemissary door gold-1-

The Goal Door.

Brawlemissary door tech-1-

Doors like these can be found in Research Facility and Subspace Bomb Factory.

Subspace Emissary Light Door

A Light Door.

Brawlemissary darkdoor-1-

A Dark Door.

Doors are ,of course, doors in The Subspace Emissary. There are 5 different types each shown in the pictures. Doors lead to different rooms. Doors can be opened by pressing the jump button. Normal Doors are red. The Goal Door is gold and shines. Going through that door completes the level. Doors in The Lake and The Lake Shore are light and dark in color. Light doors are yellow and Dark doors are blue. Dark Doors have an upside down triangle while Light Doors have a triangle on them. Dark doors lead to an evening part. Light Doors lead to a morning part. Doors in Research Facility and Subspace Bomb Factory look lab-like. All Doors have a shine on them. Some doors you walk through while others you get sucked into. Some Doors lead to an Orange Cube or Turquoise Cube while others lead to hidden characters so enter whatever door you pass by.

The door leading to the battle with Tabuu.


A Save Point Door.


A Subspace Door.


A Door in the Halberd.

Save Point Doors have a giant, yellow circle in the middle. Subspace Doors are purple. Doors in the Halberd are the same shape as the ones in Research Facility and Subspace Bomb Factoru, but are brown. The door leading to Tabuu is the largest. It is a giant purple door.

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