Rosalina in her Dragonetti.

The Dragonetti, also known as the Honeycoupe, is a kart for large characters in Mario Kart Wii. This kart looks rather like a normal car than a kart. It has a spoiler on its back, and has headlights. The character's emblem appears on a license plate on the back. Compared to the Flame Flyer it is slower, but has better acceleration. It has great drift and mini-turbo, which nearly rivals the Wild Wing. The car looks smaller than the Flame Flyer, but is heavier than it (also heavier than the Wario Bike and Jetsetter). However, it is lighter than the Offroader. The Dragonetti's bike counterpart is the Shooting Star.


  • Speed: High
  • Weight: Very High
  • Acceleration: Low
  • Handling: Low
  • Drift: High
  • Off-Road: Very Low
  • Mini-Turbo: High

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