Item14 071228a-1-

A Dragoon.

Item14 071228c1-l-1-

the nosecone.


the body.

Item14 071228c3-l-1-

The tail.


The aiming part of the Dragoon.


Mario riding the Dragoon.

The Dragoon is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Dragoon is the only combining item. You must collect all three parts. If you do you will go to the aiming part where you can aim at an opponent. If you press the attack button or last too long aiming it will fire. It is a powerful item and is always a One Hit KO. However, the brawl for the parts is very similar to a battle with a Smash Ball. Usually a Smash Ball doesn't appear when collecting Dragoon parts. If it does another Dragoon part will not appear until a Final Smash is used. Like a Smash Ball, you can steal a Dragoon part from an enemy by attacking or KOing him. If an opponent is Star Koed the Dragoon part will fall back to Earth. The Dragoon only appears once in a match and usually at the beginning of the match.

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