800px-Dry Dry Ruins-1-

The Dry Dry Ruins course.


The Yoshi Sphinx.


Going over the bridge.


Going inside the temple.


Taking the jump out.

Dry Dry Ruins is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a course set on a sunny afternoon in the desert. Dry Dry Ruins is very Egyptian-like. It has temples, pyramids, cactus, sand and a whole lot more. Pokeys act as obstacles in the course. Coming in contact with them, will spin you out. Pokeys dance around, bending themselves, and more. There is a Sphinx here but this time the Sphinx has no lion head. The head is replaced with the head of Yoshi. Swoopers (bat enemies) appear in the temple. They will swoop down, slowing down players who collide with them. The race here starts underneath some ruins. There is a curve left. The player can turn right of the pillar to save time, but you can also go left of the pillar, which falls down time after time. A Pokey acts as an obstacle past several more pillars. After that one Pokey is a narrow road through the oasis. There is another Pokey near the end of the road. Past the Pokey is a turn left, which has two more pillars. The pillars fall down, time after time. There is a turn right and into a straight road with three more pillars. They are from there to the entrance to the ruins. The pillars fall down when the player gets near. If it falls on the player, he/she will flip and lose their items. The fallen down player is then available for use again. After the pillars is the entrance to the ruins. The first part of the ruins is past a road that cuts through a dark abyss. Swoopers fly across, slowing down players. After the straight road is a turn right with a half-pipe to help players go through the sand that is on the straight road. After the half pipes is a 90 degree turn left and into another short and straight path. It leads to a 90 degree turn right into another straight path. Another 90 degree turn is here that leads into a large room. The center of the room is filled with Pokeys, and sand coming from the ceiling. In the first few laps, the player can drive through the center, but in the last lap it is almost covered with sand. The player must now go around the sand-covered area. After this room is a ramp with Boost Pads and Swoopers flying out. Swoopers can lead the players to an extreme right or extreme left which will cause you to go off course and stop on the spot. Another ramp with a Boost Pad is present. After that is a twist left then a twist right. After the twist is the finish line. Magnificent! You've passed your first lap!

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