This is the artwork picture of an Electricity Shooter in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Galaxybig 2826

Three Electricity Shooters can be seen ahead of the five black Amps in the Space Storm Galaxy's Electric Field Area.

Electricity Shooters are obstacles/enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are yellow devices that look almost identical to F.L.U.D.D.'s nozzle. They also resemble their fire-shooting cousins, Fire Shooters, and water bubble-shooting cousins, Water Shooters. Electricity Shooters make only one appearance in the whole game, unlike their other cousins. They appear in the Space Storm Galaxy's Electric Field Area. In this area, Mario/Luigi must use Pull Stars to get to the Power StarAmps and Electricity Shooters serve as the obstacles during this. Here, Electricity Shooters attack by shooting yellow balls of electricity repeatedly at Mario/Luigi. Mario/Luigi must use the Pull Stars to dodge their yellow balls of electricity. If they are too slow or happen to stop movement, they are likely to get hit by the Electricity Shooters' balls of electricity, causing them to fall into Space and lose a life. However, Electricity Shooters warn the player when they are about to fire a ball of electricity, for they begin to charge up and glow. Using that warning, dodging Electricity Shooters isn't too difficult. The balls of electricity shot from Electricity Shooters are the same ones shot from the Undergrunt Gunner in the Toy Time Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy and the Boomsday Machine in Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker of Super Mario Galaxy. Like with Water Shooters and Fire Shooters, there is no possible way to defeat an Electricity Shooter. 

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