Three Electroids in Switcheroo.

Dk 339-1-

Three linked Electroids above the Kongs in Switcheroo.

Electroids are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are found in the Factory (Donkey Kong Country Returns). Electroids are purple, electric spheres with cages full of violet matter over their faces and two eyes. Generally, Electroids make an electricity line by linking to one another. They move near holes and narrow tunnels that the Kongs must pass. In Switcheroo, they can be eliminated if the Kongs activate the colored platforms that Electroids are in, causing them to be pushed out of the area.
Dk 347-1-

4 Electroids forming a wall in Switcheroo.

Dk 348-1-

Some Electroids in Switcheroo.

Dk 349-1-

Two Electroids linked together in Switcheroo.

Dk 353-1-

Two electroids linked to each other in Switcheroo.

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