Embaconda Screenshot

An Embaconda in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Embacondas are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are long, red-orange creatures made up of many Embas. They usually carry Beads inside their bodies. Embacondas have two black and red button eyes. The name "Embaconda" is made up of "Emba", the enemy it is made of (Emba's name comes from the word "ember"), and "anaconda", a large snake (among the largest snakes in the world). The anaconda part comes in the Embaconda's name due to Embacondas having a long snake-like body. Embacondas first appear in Temper Temple of Hot Land and do not appear until the way later Meta Melon Isle of Dream Land. Embacondas do not attack really, they just move around in a set pattern. If Kirby and Prince Fluff happen to come in contact with one, they will take damage. They can only be defeated by Kirby and Prince Fluff in their Fire Engine form. Water blasts can destroy individual segments by hitting them, however, if the head is hit with a water blast from the heroes, it will be destroyed and destroy all other remaining segments. Each segment, except the head, will drop Beads when destroyed. 

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