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An Enemy Course in World 3.

An Enemy Course is a minigame in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Out of the other two minigames ( Power Up Panels, 1up Blast) it is the most common. They appear in every world. Unlike the other two minigames, this one is not found in a Mushroom House. When Mario bumps into an enemy, or an enemy attacks Mario on the map, he enters an Enemy Course. The goal is to collect all 8 Toad Balloons, without dying, to make a Treasure Chest appear. A Toad is locked in it. By touching the chest, will unlock it. Toad rewards you with three Mushrooms that are stored in your item gallery for use later. It is possible to defeat the enemies. Try defeating them first, then collect, the Toad Balloons. In some worlds, it is possible to avoid the Enemy Course. If you use great timing, you can avoid the enemies in the map. There is only one Enemy Course per world, so if you avoid it, you won't have to encounter it again, unless you go back. When you die, enemies defeated in an Enemy Course reappear.

World 1 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

  • 8 Goombas
  • 4 Grand Goombas
  • 2 Mega Goombas

World 2 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

  • Four Spinies
  • Six Spinies
  • Eight Spinies

World 3 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

  • Two Ice Bros.
  • Three Ice Bros.
  • Four Ice Bros.

World 4 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

  • A Porcu Puffer

World 5 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

  • Four Stalking Piranha Plants

World 6 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

World 7 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

World 8 (NSMB Wii) enemies in Enemy Course

  • Four Podoboos
  • Six Podoboos
  • Nine Podoboos

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