The outside of the Engine Room.


The inside of the Engine Room.

The Engine Room is a Dome on the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the fifth Dome that can be accessed in the game and can be unlocked by acquiring the Grand Star in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant, which is located in the Bedroom. The Engine Room is located high up on the Comet Observatory and can be reached from taking a Warp Pad on a long stretch in front of the Bedroom. The Engine Room is a large steel Dome surrounded by a metallic ring. Inside the Engine Room, there are some blue, red and purple steel pipes coming up from the floor. A Gearmo patrols inside here, however, it doesn't do anything that will disturb the player. As with all Domes, there is a Pull Star here that can be used to access the galaxies within this Dome. The main boss of this Dome is King Kaliente in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor. Once King Kaliente is defeated and the Grand Star is acquired, the player can access the final Dome, the Garden




  • The Bedroom and the Engine Room are the only Domes with three main galaxies instead of two. 
  • This is the only Dome where another NPC besides Polari can be seen inside a Dome. 

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