Everybody Votes Channel

Everybody Votes Channel from the Wii Menu.

The Everybody Votes channel can be obtained from the Wii Shop for free. (Internet connection required).


In the Everyone votes Channel, you begin by transferring over your Miis to the channel. Once you have done that, you begin finding Polls you would like to vote in.

Voting in a Poll

To vote in a Poll, you click and drag your Mii (A + B) to whichever side you want to vote for. (One will be on the left and one is on the right)

All miis do not have to vote.

Click OK when done.


Prediciting is saying who you think will win the poll. This is not required. You have to vote with at least one Mii to be able to predict, however miis that didn't vote may stil Predict.

Getting the Results

Depending on how late into the poll you took it, it could be from a day to a week plus before you see the results. When they show up, click on the poll. The winner will be announced.

Popular Vote

As you do contests over time, the percentages of wins and losses will be recorded on each mii's profile. (Note that the wins and losses are for PREDICTING, not VOTING.)

As the percentage for Wins increases, the distance towards popular vote decreases. Once your mii reaches popular vote, the mii's votes are more effictive. The mii also shows up when the winner is announced and a bunch of miis run on the screen.


On June 27, 2013; Nintendo took the Everybody Votes Channel offline, along with four other Nintendo services. Users can no longer vote in polls, but they can still browse earlier results.

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