A Fire Chomp behind Mario in World 2-6.


A Fire Chomp nearing Mario in World 2-6.

Fire Chomps are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are a sub-species of Chain Chomps who only have an angry Chain Chomp head with a wicked smile, and a tail made of Fireballs. They spit the Fireballs from their tail at Mario as well as chase him. When this enemy runs out of fire, it will flash red and self-destruct by exploding in a few seconds later. During the self-destruct, it chases Mario faster than usual. A jump on its head defeats this enemy, and, oddly, a Fireball also defeats it. Touching this enemy's Fireballs, explosion (self destruct) or it enemy itself makes Mario lose a form or die if he is at small form.

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