A Fishbone in World 4's Castle.

Fishbones are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They appear in various water levels. They are skeletal fish. It is unknown what type of fish they are. When a Fishbone detects any playable character it locks onto them making its eyes become red (much like how a Roturret's eyes turn red when it locks onto the player). Then, after locking onto the player, the Fishbone will dash forward in the player's direction, in hopes, of damaging/defeating the player. However, if it misses the target, it will continue in the direction and break apart when it crashes, similar to a Dry Bones. However, whn it breaks apart, it is defeated permanently. Fishbones also break apart in any contact with another Fishbone. Any contact with a Fishbone takes away a form, or kills any character at small size. In very dark levels, such as World 5 (NSMB Wii)'s Ghost House, Fishbones' eyes light up in the water. However, the light given off by them isn't as great as that of a Jellybeam or Bulber, so really their light is useless. Fishbones also appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party 9. In Super Mario Galaxy, Fishbones appear in the Bonefin Galaxy during the battle against Kingfin. In this game, Fishbones have glowing red eyes and behave similar to Bullet Bills and Torpedo Teds (though they are more like Torpedo Teds since Torpedo Teds also attack underwater while Bullet Bills do not). They are released by Kingfin once he has been hit by using a Green Shell or Red Shell. Once they are released, they will home in on Mario/Luigi. If Mario/Luigi is hit by a Fishbone, they will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. Fishbones can only be defeated if they touch the surface of the water, much like how real-life fish cannot survive outside of water. When Kingfin is hit two more times after being hit once, he will release a lot more Fishbones, which will home in on Mario/Luigi. These Fishbones will not disappear until Kingfin is defeated. In Mario Party 9, Fishbones appear in the Captain Event of Blooper Beach. When the player lands on an Unlucky Space during the event, a group of Fishbones will attack the player and take away 5 of their ten Mini Stars


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