OvertheFlagpole -1-

The Flagpole in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The Flagpole is the goal pole in every level in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a tall pole with a flag. The flag has Bowser's face on it. Unlike the Midway Point, the Flag does not turn into Mario's "M" when touched. When you touch it the flag goes down and the player (s) say a word of victory. Depending on how high you were when you touched it, you will get more points. Touching the gold part is an instant 1up. During multiplayer modes, all players have a time limit to touch the Flagpole, when a player touches it. If they fail to do so they are left out. Using a Propeller Mushroom, Propeller Block or Yoshi can help you touch the gold part. Collected Coins, and Star Coins are saved when you touch the Flagpole. The Flagpole is a very important obstacle in NSMB Wii. The Flagpole is also a mark of safety. In World 9-8 in World 9 (NSMB Wii), a King Bill chases you to the Flagpole. If you touch the Flagpole, you will not be injured by the King Bill.

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