A Flaming Tiki Buzz in a Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Dk 309-1-

Two Flaming Tiki Buzzes in Handy Hazards.

Flaming Tiki Buzzes are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They appear in some worlds, but are more common in the Volcano (Donkey Kong Country Returns). They are an "on fire" sub-species of Tiki Buzzes. They look like normal Tiki Buzzes, but are on fire. Like Tiki Buzzes, they are drum-shaped enemies with large, yellow noses, on fire wings, and eyes carved into them. Flaming Tiki Buzzes behave similar to Tiki Buzzes by hovering up and down above gaps and obstacles. However, because they are on fire, they cannot be jumped on. If the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) touch a Flaming Tiki Buzz, like with any other enemy (except Bopapodami) they will lose a Heart. With that being said, Flaimg Tiki Zings usually get in the Kongs' way. Although jumping on them, doesn't defeat them, but rather hurts the Kongs, a Barrel thrown at them can defeat them. The final boss, Tiki Tong, also attacks with Flaming Tiki Buzzes.

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