A Flaming Tiki Buzz.

Precarious Plateau 3

Rambi and the Kongs rush through the last three Tiki Zings/Flaming Tiki Zings before the Slot Machine Barrel.

Flaming Tiki Zings are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are an "on fire" sub-species of Tiki Zings. Like the other sub-species, Big Zings, they are not very common enemies. They only appear in Precarious Plateau, where they appear along with Tiki Zings to prevent the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong). Flaming Tiki Zings are Tiki Zings on fire. Because Flaming Tiki Zings are on fire, they differ from Tiki Zings because they are not shown to be wooden. They look like angry suns with seven fire spikes. Flaming Tiki Zings behave just like normal Tiki Zings, however, they cannot be defeated since Rambi cannot defeat "on fire" enemies. They cannot be defeated by the Kongs either, so they must be avoided at all costs.

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