The Flip-Swap Galaxy

The Flip-Swap Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is located in World 1. The galaxy is based from the levels from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine. Performing a Spin-Jump will make the platforms flip over and swap places. Incoming Chomps appear on the platforms as well as Goombas. A Star Bunny also appears here and gives you a hint. To unlock this galaxy, feed a Hungry Luma 300 Star Bits.


Main Planet

640px-SMG2 Flip-Swap Galaxy-1-

Mario on the Main Planet.

This planet is the only planet in the galaxy. It is an area filled with red and blue platforms. Mario has to Spin on the platforms flip over so he can complete the missions and get the Power Stars. There are also a few Item Crystals on this planet.


Think Before You Shake

To get this Power Star, Mario must make it to the platform where the Star is located. To do so, he must Spin to flip the red and blue platforms while avoiding the Incoming Chomps and electric barriers to get to the Star. Once this mission is completed, a Star Bunny will board Starship Mario.

Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint

When Mario visits the galaxy for the second time, he'll find 100 Purple Coins. If Mario succeeds to collect them all, he'll earn a Power Star.

Green Star 1

This Green Power Star is found above one of the electric barrier areas. Mario must perform a Triple Jump followed by a Spin to reach it. He can also perform a well-timed backwards somersault and Spin to reach the Star.

Green Star 2

This Star is found above the area where Incoming Chomps are rolling around. Mario must perform a somersault to reach it.

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