Red Insect

This picture shows the official artwork of a Flipbug in Super Mario Galaxy.


Mario runs toward a ? Coin in the Honeyhive Galaxy. See the red insect to the left of the picture? That's a Flipbug.

Flipbugs are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Flipbugs are small, winged insect-like creatures with a more Mandibug-style face. They, at first, can be seen standing on the ground doing nothing at all. However, if Mario/Luigi approach them, they will jump frantically into the air and start fleeing from them. They don't flee away from the heroes for too long, for after a while, these insects fall on their backs in fear. So this is all they do! What kind of enemy is this?! BUT!!! If Bee Mario or Bee Luigi approaches them (to become Bee Mario/Bee Luigi the player must first touch a Bee Mushroom), they will unfold their wings and fly after him, showing players that they greatly dislike bees. One touch from these enemies causes Mario/Luigi to lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter and also lose their bee form (if they have it), causing the insects to flee away from regular Mario/Luigi once more. Flipbugs can be defeated by a Spin from regular Mario/Luigi or Bee Mario/Luigi, causing them to release three Star Bits, or from a jump on them when they land on the ground in fear, causing them to release a Coin. Flipbugs usually appear in the galaxies where the Bee Mushroom can be found in. In Super Mario Galaxy, they appear mostly in the Honeyhive Galaxy and the Gold Leaf Galaxy while in Super Mario Galaxy 2, they appear in the Yoshi Star Galaxy, the Puzzle Plank Galaxy, and the Honeyhop Galaxy. These enemies are said to be a sub-species of Mandibugs.


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