Two Floows

Floow is a ghost like enemy in The Subspace Emissary. Its body forms a human with rectangles as a body and has two small red eyes. They float around towards players. Floows appear in The Ruined Zoo, The Ruins, The Swamp, The Glacial Peak, Battleship Halberd Interior, Subspace Bomb Factory 2, Entrance to Subspace, and The Ruins and The Wilds parts of The Great Maze. Its attack which is some sort of weird scream traps players, and damages them which can send them upwards. The most annoying part of Floow is its ability to regain health. Floows usually come in groups. Usually to capture Floow it takes precise aiming and timing. However, if you are holding a trophy stand, and Floow comes near you, you can throw the trophy stand and it'll turn into a trophy. This works on intense too. Floows cannot stand water, and die instantly when touching it.

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