This picture shows an overview of the Forest world. The Kong icon is on the world's first level, Vine Valley.

The Forest is the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns. It, like with every other world in the game, is located on Donkey Kong Island. The world is infested by members of the Tiki Tak Tribe, who stole the Kongs' (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) Banana Hoard. The Forest is a very dense world. Trees, totem poles, vines, and more decorate this world's levels' background. The world brings back many features from the Jungle, which include large and small strange plants that can be pounded on for a collectible, most likely, propeller-like plants that can be blown on for a collectible, most likely, large, red bouncy flowers, Spikes, etc. However, the world has its own features. These include swinging vines, totem poles that can be stood on, some of which can crush the Kongs, tiki statues that act as an obstacle the Kongs must fire through with the use of a Barrel Cannon/Auto-Fire Barrel, pillars that slam down and move up constantly at a slow pace, mushrooms of different sizes that can be bounced on, grassy turf on many platforms and objects, Wigglevines and even Tiki Buzzes and Tiki Torks attached to wooden platforms that can be stood on. The world has nine levels plus a boss level. One shop hosted by Cranky Kong is in this world, much like with every other world of the game (with the exception of the Golden Temple, which does not have Cranky Kong's Shop). Most enemies in this level are forest-themed, meaning they belong in the Forest. Mangoruby is the boss of this level.

Enemies in this World


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