The outside of the Fountain.


The inside of the Fountain.

The Fountain is a Dome located on the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the second Dome available to be accessed in the game, and it can be unlocked by defeating Megaleg and receiving the Grand Star in Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor in the Terrace. The Fountain is a made of white stones and has water-spouting out of its sides. Mario/Luigi must use a Warp Pad to travel to and fro on the Fountain. The Fountain's inside is made of blue tiles and lavender walls. Water runs through here similar to channels. Polari describes the the Fountain as very relaxing. As with all other Domes, the Fountain's inside has a Pull Star above the center, which can be used to access the galaxies here. Bowser is the main boss in this galaxy and must be defeated in Bowser's Star Reactor to unlock the next Dome, the Kitchen



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