The Freezeflame Galaxy

The Freezeflame Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is made up of ice, icy water, and lava. It requires both the use of the Ice Flower and Fire Flower. The galaxy is divided into three large planets. One planet is icy, the other is lava, and the last is a mixture of ice and lava with a rock-like core. There are also two minor planets, one the player starts on, and another a group of icy and lava platforms. Baron Brrr is the boss of this galaxy. Icy water in this game damages Mario if he stays in it for too long. To unlock this galaxy, get 26 Power Stars.


Starting Planet

022-1- (3)

Mario on the Starting Planet.

440-1- (2)

The Starting Planet with lava on it in the mission "Hot and Cold Collide".

This planet is where Mario starts when he enters this galaxy. It is nothing but a thin ring-like platform with several Item Crystals and stone stumps. Two Boulders are rolling on the inner part of the ring. The first time Mario gets here, he must talk to a Penguin who calls him an "old man" and catch him by skating (shake the Wii Remote to do so). This will make a Launch Star appear (once the Penguin is caught). During the mission "Hot and Cold Collide", balls of fire and lava are rolling on the inner and outer parts of the planet, making it more difficult to get around without being burned.

Frozen Peak Planet


The first part of the Frozen Peak Planet.


The second part of the Frozen Peak Planet


The third and last part of the Frozen Peak Planet.

This planet is the main planet in the galaxy, as it is the planet most visited in the galaxy, other than the Starting Planet. The planet is a large planet that consists of a very high and rocky mountain with three levels of icy water. There is a large ice slide at the beginning of the planet and a second, smaller one hidden above the first icy water lake. After taking the Launch Star to this planet, Mario will slide down the first ice slide and reach an icy area inhabited by Goombas. Mario will encounter the first Ice Flower on the first ice part of the planet. Then he will encounter another on the second part, and then another one on the third and final part of the planet. On the third part of the planet, Mario battles Baron Brrr.

Lava Core Planet


Mario inside the Lava Core Planet.

This planet is probably the largest planet in the galaxy. It is a large round sphere of cooled lava, however, through the center of which is a large fissure filled with boiling hot and damaging lava. When Mario flies to this planet, he lands on a small stone platform located within the fissure. There are also multiple other platforms that prevent Mario from falling into the lava. In "Freezeflame's Blistering Core", he must follow these platforms to the center of the planet where he will find the Power Star. These platforms seem to be all that is left of a ruined civilization. This planet is inhabited with red Urchins and Burn Bits.

Hot and Cold Planet

466-1- (2)

Mario in the icy part of the Hot and Cold Planet.


Mario in the lava part of the Hot and Cold Planet.

This planet is a large sphere with two circular openings on either side that connect across the middle of it by means of a small passageway. On opening is filled with freezing water and many regular-colored Urchins. There are also a few snow covered platforms sticking up out of on this side of the planet. The other opening is filled with dangerously hot lava. There is a stone section with a double sided cage that holds a Fire Flower within it in the middle of the lava. In the "Hot and Cold Collide" level, Mario must Spin a valve on one side of the cage in order to unlock it and use the Fire Flower, which is needed to complete the level. The tides on each side of the planet alternate with each other depending on how high one of the tides is in relation to the other.

Ice and Lava Platform Planets


Mario on the Ice and Lava Platform Planets.


Mario racing Cosmic Mario on the Ice and Lava Platform Planets. Notice the lava platforms are gone.

These planets are actually are large group of small non-gravitational alternating platforms of ice and lava. There are also several rock platforms with snow on them, which serve as resting platforms for Mario when he skates across it. In the "Hot and Cold Collide" mission, this is the last planet Mario visits. Mario must use the Ice Flower to skate over lava platforms and ice platforms to reach the Power Star hovering above the last platform. In the mission, "Frosty Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race" the lava platforms are transformed into ice platforms, and Mario/Luigi must race and beat Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Luigi for the Power Star. There are tons of Black Holes around here, so Mario/Luigi must avoid falling off the platforms or he will lose a life.


The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr

The Penguin calling Mario an "old man" in "The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr".


Mario battling Baron Brrr in "The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr".

Mario begins this level on the Starting Planet. He must look for a Penguin. The Penguin will tell Mario to catch him by skating after calling him an "old man". When Mario catches him, he'll tell Mario has a small chance of surviving and then a Launch Star appears. Once the Launch Star is used, Mario is sent to the Frozen Peak Planet. Mario will slide down an icy slide to land on an icy platform with Goombas on it. After they are defeated, Mario should jump from platform to platform over icy water until he reaches on with a switch. Mario must NOT fall in the icy water, for it drains his Health Meter slowly. Using the Ice Flower, Mario should make his way up to where Baron Brrr awaits. He will come across a tricky part just before the part with Baron Brrr that includes Mario running over icy water, jumping on platforms, Pushy Walls, using a Sling Star, jumping on spouts of water from pipes, and then jumping on the platforms created on the spouts of water to reach Baron Brrr's area, all before the Ice Flower wears off. This is in the second part of the Frozen Peak Planet. Mario must be as swift as possible once he gets the Ice Flower here to reach Baron Brrr, or he'll have to repeat the process. Once he reaches the top, Mario must defeat Baron Brrr. Mario should go left and jump on the platforms over the icy water until he finds himself inside an area with an Ice Flower trapped inside an Item Crystal. Mario should break the Item Crystal and use the Ice Flower. Now, Mario must run across the water, and wall jump up two wooden walls in the middle of the area to reach where Baron Brrr is. Baron Brrr will slam on the ground creating an icy shockwave. Mario must Spin to send his cloud out, making him fall to the floor. Mario must then Spin Baron Brrr to damage him. Mario must do this two more times to defeat him. Once he is defeated, Mario can collect his Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Frozen Peak Planet

Freezeflame's Blistering Core


Mario near the Power Star of Freezeflame's Blistering Core.

Mario will land on the Starting Planet. Mario must, this time, collect five Star Chips to make a Launch Star appear. Once the Launch Star appears, Mario should run to and use it. The Launch Star will take him to the Lava Core Planet. Here, the player must be careful, for he must avoid the many Urchins here, fireballs that shoot in the air and fall back into the lava (much like Podoboos), Burn Bits, and most of all the lava itself. To get around, Mario must use the Fire Flower and shoot fireballs at vase-like things, as seen in the picture to put flames on them and open up gates. When Mario gets further on, he will find lots of moving platforms. Mario must use them to cross the lava and reach other floors on the lava. At the very end, Mario must get a Fire Flower, run to the floor to his left, jump on a moving platform and fire fireballs at vase-like things to open the gate with the Power Star. Now, Mario must repeat the process, this time, without the Fire Flower, and run on the floor with the Power Star. Then Mario can jump and get his Power Star.


  • Urchins (red)
  • Burn Bits
  • Boulders

Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Lava Core Planet

Hot and Cold Collide

578-1- (2)

Mario running over lava on the Ice and Lava Platform Planets.

Mario will land on the Starting Planet. However, the inner and outer parts of the planet have balls of fire and lava rolling around on them, which are covered with lava. Carefully avoiding the balls of fire/lava, Mario must make his way to the other side of the planet and Spin an Item Crystal to release the Launch Star that was trapped inside. After using it, Mario will fly to the Hot and Cold Planet, where he must avoid many regular-colored Urchins on the icy side of the planet. Mario must then Spin a valve to open the passage to the lava side of the planet. Mario will then confront a Fire Flower trapped in a cage. Mario must make his way to the other side of the cage and Spin a valve to open it. After collecting the Fire Flower, Mario must quickly make his way back to the icy side of planet and light two vase-like things near the landing point. A Launch Star will appear. When Mario uses it, he will be sent to the Ice and Lava Platform Planets. Here, he must use the Ice Flower to skate across ice and lava platforms until he reaches the final platform where the Power Star is located. However, he must avoid falling into the many Black Holes beneath him. After the Power Star is collected, the level is complete.


  • Urchins (regular-colored)
  • Urchins (red)

Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Hot and Cold Planet
  • Ice and Lava Platform Planets

Frosty Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race


Mario near the Power Star of Frosty Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race".

This mission can only be played when a Cosmic Comet is in orbit. Mario will land on the Ice and Lava Platform Planets, however, all lava platforms are transformed into ice platforms. Mario must race against Cosmic Mario, while Luigi must race against Cosmic Luigi. At certain points, the path ends, but a path is above him. All Mario/Luigi must do is collect the Power Star before Cosmic Mario/Luigi does. However, Mario must avoid the Black Holes beneath him.


  • None

Planets Visited

  • Ice and Lava Platform Planets

Purple Coin on the Summit


Mario collecting Purple Coins in "Purple Coins on the Summit".

This mission can only be chosen when a Purple Comit is in orbit. Mario must collect all100 Purple Coins on the Frozen Peak Planet. Many Purple Coins are in hard to reach areas. After all Purple Coins are collected, Mario can collect his Power Star.


  • Brrr Bits
  • Pushy Walls
  • Ice Swoopers

Planets Visited

  • Frozen Peak Planet

Conquering the Summit


Mario near the Power Star of "Conquering the Summit".

In order to collect the Power Star of this mission, Mario must follow the same steps of "The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr" until he reaches a second set of broken water pipes just above the main body of icy water. Mario must use the Ice Flower to create icy platforms. Mario must then Triple Jump and backwards somersault to reach a hidden Sling Star, which will take him to the other side of the mountain. Here, he will encounter multiple Pushy Walls and several snowmen blocking his path. He can destroy the snowmen with the Fire Flower. He must then continue to climb to the top of the peak. At the top, is the Power Star for Mario to collect.


  • Brrr Bits
  • Goombas
  • Pushy Walls
  • Ice Swoopers
  • Boulders

Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Frozen Peak Planet


  • There is a glitch that allows Luigi to explore the surface of the Hot and Cold Planet. Luigi must do a Triple Jump right on the connecting ramp and then Wall-Jump off the lip of the wall to access it.
  • The galaxy's name is a pun of "freeze frame".
  • When Mario/Luigi flies from an icy area to a lava area, the music changes due to the style of the environment.
  • A galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Shiverburn Galaxy, is just like this galaxy in music, name, and appearance.
  • The Cosmic Comet is available right after the first Power Star is collected. It is available before the "Hot and Cold Collide" mission. This makes the galaxy unique in that area used in the Cosmic Comet mission, for it does not have to have already been visited.

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