The Freezie is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When thrown it freezes the opponent. The opponent will be stuck in an ice block. It is possible for a Freezie to [[KO|
Item15 080305 39-l-1-

A Freezie.

]]KO an opponent, if the opponent in the frozen ice block did not recover in time. The opponent would've Self-destructed. You can also Star KO or Screen KO an opponent if you throw it at a landing character or a character in the air. It is easier to KO an opponent with a Freezie if you turn on Freezies and increase the Damage Ratio to 2.0. Freezies move across stages like a Super Mushroom and Poison Mushroom. It must be caught quickly before they fall off the stage. They are fast moving items. Freezies are quite rare, even if you put no other item on, but the Freezie in Brawls. A Glice has an attack like a Freezie, however you last longer in the frozen ice block.
Item11 071106d-l-1-

A Freezie moving across the Delfino Plaza stage. Possibly, somebody froze the Ice Climbers with another Freezie.

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