Mario stands on a platform in the Frozen Peak Planet of the Freezeflame Galaxy, which is surrounded by Freezing Water.

Freezing Water is a dangerous obstacle in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a more dangerous type of Water that appears in very cold-themed galaxies. It appears only in the Freezeflame Galaxy. If Mario/Luigi falls into Freezing Water, they will slowly lose a wedge of health from their Health Meter. If the heroes do not jump out of the water before they lose their last wedge of health, they will lose a life (or a Game Over if they lose their last life). Even though Freezing Water can cause a life to be lost eventually (much like Lava and Spikes), it is not as powerful as Black Holes, Quicksand, Space, Dark Matter or Poison Water which cause Mario/Luigi to lose a life instantly. Freezing Water also appears in Mario Party 8 and Mario Party 9 in minigames that take place in cold areas. Last but not least, Freezing Water appears in Mario Kart Wii in Sherbet Land as a hazard. Any character who happens to fall into this water must be rescued by Lakitu, wasting time. It is to note that characters who are rescued will be trapped in a block of ice that shatters in contact with the track. 


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