Disc dog

Frisbee Dog

Disc Dog is one of the twelve games in Wii Sports Resort. The gameplay is a game of fetch, where the player is the Mii disc-thrower and a puppy must run to catch the player's disc. This game includes Wii MotionPlus, so the players actions are followed with 1:1 action response. While playing, the player must throw their disc into different portions of a targeted area. They will receive more points for throwing the disc closer to the center of the reticula, and will receive additional points if the player's dog jumps to catch the disc.

This game is played using only the Wii Remote connected to the Wii MotionPlus.


Every sport in Wii Sports Resort has 5 stamps you can unlock (With the Exception of the strictly 2 player sports), these stamps do not do anything to help you're game play. They simply give you a challenge.

Frisbee Dog Stamps:

  • Good Dog

Throw the Frisbee right into the center of the target area to make the dog jump up and grab it out of the air. This is more of an accomplishment for the dog, really...

  • Balloon Animal

During practice, pop all 9 balloons in ten throws or less. After ten throws, any remaining balloons are replaced with nine new ones.

  • A for Effort

Score 10 points with each of your 10 throws to get this stamp. That means hitting the green 10-point zone every time. Extra points scored by popping ballons don't count. It's at least as hard as aiming for the bulls-eye! You can't get this stamp in team play.

  • Perfect Target

Hit the center of the target area and score 100 points with all ten of your throws. Extra points scored by popping balloons don't count. You can't get this stamp in team play.

  • Golden Arm

Score 100 points with every throw and pop every balloon. That'll get you an astonishing 1,500 points. You can't get this stamp in team play.

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